Qualification (BANT), Discovery and Validation For Sigfox Leads and Opportunities

How to qualify leads? How to qualify opportunities? How to validate leads? How to validate opportunities? How to do proper discovery?

Name of the opportunity


Who is account manager at SO


Who is account manager at Integrator

End customer


Should take less than 20 minutes, ideally conf call

Must be recorded in CRM

  • BANT allows us to prioritize the time we spend with customers
  • Shows the customers that we care to learn about their business needs and internal processes
  • Allows us to develop a follow up/nurture plan for leads that aren't quite at BANT yet


Example questions for Budget:


  • Sigfox starts with 3 Euro/devicer/year - are you guys okay to move forward based on that pricing?
  • Devices cost from 15 Euros up, are you guys okay to move forward based on that pricing?
  • There is integration cost involved. 
  • How much are you paying for your solution?
  • How much are you losing not having a solution?
  • How familiar are you with Sigfox’s pricing?


Soft conversational indicators of Budget:

  • Mentioned pricing and prospect was ok with it
  • Discussed budget and didn’t freak out
  • Actively engaging in budget discussion
  • Cheaper than what they have

The Prospect has Budget if:

  1. Confirmed with the Lead that they are comfortable with this pricing


Example questions for Budget:


  • When you guys purchase something like this, how does the process typically work?
  • Tell me about your decision-making process.
  • Other than yourself, who else is involved in this project?  What is their role?
  • Who has been expressing issues with your current IoT solution?
  • Who else was involved in the last IT purchase that was made?  Would they need to be involved again?


The Prospect has Authority if:

  1. The prospect is the decision-maker
  2. The decision-maker knows the prospect is doing research about IoT.


Example questions for Budget:


  • What issues are you having with your current process?
  • What’s the main driver for looking into IoT as a new system for you guys?
  • What would you love to have taken off your plate?
  • If Sigfox was your ideal IoT solution, what would they need to do for you?
  • What’s the disaster you’re most concerned about?
  • Are there any particular concerns that you have regarding Sigfox/IoT?
  • What is the size of the use case? Minimum size and maximum size?


The Prospect has Need if:

  1. They have a significant business challenge that is negatively impacting their business
  2. The business challenge can be solved by Sigfox/IoT.


Example questions for Time:


  • When would you ideally like to get something like this up and running?
  • Assuming Sigfox/IoT is your chosen solution, when would you be looking to buy?
  • How soon do you need to get this issue fixed?
  • How do you request budget for a new project?
  • Have you already completed this process?
  • Are there any existing agreements in place that are dictating your timeline?
  • Let’s pretend our service meets all of your needs.. what happens next?


The Prospect has Time if:

  1. Confirmed that the Lead is willing to ‘purchase’ or ‘buy’ Sigfox/IoT in 3 months or less


Should take between 30-60 minutes and ideally conf call or workshop

The list can be provided to customer but should be filled in with the salesperson trained on Sigfox

Must be recorded in CRM

Are all BANT questions answered and recorded ?

Business case:

  • Revenue increase
  • Cost cutting
  • PR and marketing
  • Competition differentiation
  • Customer acquisition 
  • Customer retention
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Energy saving
  • Environment protection
  • Labour safety
  • Personal safety
  • Property safety
  • Goods safety
  • Maintenance compliance
  • Forgery prevention
  • Misuse
  • Better equity/resources usage
  • Damage prevention
  • Redundancy/backup to primary system
  • Behaviour patterns
  • Customer lock in/ brand placement
  • Public funds usage/ political points
  • Gadgetry/gamification
  • Other

Quantification: Yearly value

Is it nice to have, important to have or critical to have?

Was the integrator Sigfox on-boarded?

Was the end customer on-boarded?

Please describe the current situation

Please describe the ideal situation

Please describe the planned situation

Is Sigfox solution replacing something?

Have you tried other solutions in the past? Why did it fail?

What is the minimal meaningful deployment size?

What is the deployment size within a year?

Please describe the intended lifespan.

Please describe deployment territory.

Do you know locations of needed coverage? Can you share them?

Any customer local facility densification needed?

How important is the project on scale 1 to 10 to your existing business?

How time pressing is the project on scale 1 to 10 to your existing business?

Will you use it as competition differentiation?

Are all relevant company departments aware of the project?

Who approves and signs the agreement?

Are people resources available/allocated? 

Third-party testimonials/references required?


What data is needed, how timely, how precise and why.

How critical the data is?

Please describe the intended behaviour. (Example: we need to track a luggage, if lost with the airlines, the device is switched on by button, and the switch on is confirmed by light, beep and message, it sends an alert when it starts moving, than sends heartbeat each 3 hours, when in stillness for more than 30 minutes it sends an alert, the device is switched off by long press, if the device is not used for more than 2 weeks it disarms

Is there external IoT platform required?

Are there any visualisations required? Which?

The visualisation are done using current information system, IoT platform or external visualisation engine?

Are there any workflows required? Which?

The workflows are done using current information system, IoT platform or external workflow engine?

How will you pair the device ID with assets identification/installation place (barcode, QR code) ?


Where the devices will be stored before installation.

How the devices will get to installation point

Who will install the device?

How will it be installed.

Who will switch on the device.

How will the device ID be tracked.

Who will decommission the devices.

Please describe into most detail 

  • place of installation
  • materials in the neighbourhood
  • ways of intended fixing
  • temperature range
  • shock/vibrations
  • waterproofness requirement

Is there any special packaging required?

Is there any special labeling required?

Is there any special branding required?

The device management is done using current information system, IoT platform or external device management engine?

What maintenance of devices is expected (battery change, replacement etc.)

Any additional certifications (food, explosives ATEX) required?


Integration into existing processes needed ? Please describe.

Integration into IT infrastructure/data. 

The integration to IT system will be done by internal resources or by external vendor?

Change management

Change management requirements

Communication budget

Training budget

Installation/sales instructions/manuals


What are the SLA requirements, how much service down will cost, how much is the customer willing to pay?

Any legal aspects such as warranties or liability?

Any special security, privacy concerns?

3. Opportunity - Solution Validation (can be a Pilot/POC)

Pilots should be avoided, if customer insists they must be clearly defined into utmost detail

Purpose and evaluation:

Have you set criteria by which you will go automatically from pilot to production?

Is there an approved budget by pilot?

Is there a pre approved budget for production?

Who will evaluate the pilot?

Are there fixed milestones set?

Are project team members identified?

Are project stakeholders and sponsors identified?

Are you going to use any external consultancies for the PoC?

The purpose of the pilot is to test:

  • coverage
  • logistics   
  • device installation and fixation
  • device behaviour
  • device robustness
  • energy consumption   
  • data relevance
  • integration with internal processes
  • integration with IT systems
  • visualisation
  • device management
  • design
  • packaging design
  • consumer adoption
  • sales/distribution/dealer reaction/attitude
  • pricing assessment

Are those criteria quantified?

Any qualitative assessments? (focus groups etc.)

What is the timeline of the PoC?

Are people resources available/allocated ? 


Any special requirements for labelling, branding, packaging for PoC

Are final products required for PoC or can it be done on prototypes.

What territory/locations are included in the pilot ? Can you share the locations ?

Any customer local facility densification needed ?


What level of integration for PoC is required ?

Change management

User instructions ready for PoC ?

Change management requirements

Communication budget

Training budget

PoC Shutdown


Any special security, privacy concerns in pilot ?

Any SLA requirements for pilot?

Any legal aspects such as warranties or any liability in pilot?