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SimpleMeter Introduction


The SimpleMeter is an elegant device for measuring temperature and humidity indoors.


If you want to try the device out, we can deliver a Proof of Concept version dedicated exactly to this purpose!


Simple Hardware is not the IoT platform business and we are happy to support and list any platform supporting our devices. However, out of all the available platforms, we strongly recommend the IO Frog platform as SimplePack 3.0/4.0 Plus devices are fully integrated.

CHECK the IO Frog platform here.

API 6 firmware

The SimpleMeter runs on the API 6 universal firmware (like all available Simple Hardware devices except the SimplePack 2.0). The firmware is rather complex and has a slight learning curve, so we suggest you start with this article:

HERE's the API 6 overview for beginners!

Temperature and humidity

  • Humidity can be appended to heartbeats and other messages with a precision of around 2%.
  • Temperature can be monitored in several ways and it's up to you which one you choose!

CHECK OUT all the temperature possibilities here!