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What are the differences between the SimplePack and the SimpleIndustry?

The main differences include:

  • casing
  • operating temperature range
  • mounting
  • battery capacity
  • perpendicular placement of the antenna

Here's a short list:

  1. SimplePack and SimplePack Plus differ only in battery size and support of all the radio zones and WiFi tracking.
  2. SimpleIndustry comes in little bit larger size of casing
  3. SimplePack Plus is 81 x 12 x 29.5 mm
  4. SimpleIndustry is 86 x 32 x 44mm roughly putting 3 SimplePack Plus side by side
  5. SimpleIndustry comes in polycarbonate material (used for the sturdiest luggage) that gives it exceptional strength and temperature resistance up to 150°C.
  6. SimplePack is sturdy but ABS and works only up to 60°C long term.
  7. SimpleIndustry operating temperature is due to polycarbonate and different battery chemistry -55°C +85°C (can be 105°in the Hot edition), SimplePack is -40°C +60°C.
  8. SimpleIndustry can be mounted by internal screws, horizontal or vertical external screws, permanent industrial double-sided tape or industrial magnet.
  9. SimpeIndustry battery capacity is 5.2 Ah versus 1.5 Ah of SimplePack Plus enabling 100 000 messages in standard mode or 1 800 000 messages with local coverage.
  10. Perpendicular placing of antenna to surface/ground plane in SimpleIndustry ensures the best available radio performance even in the most complicated installation situations.
  11. More space also enables us to provide (project based) SimpleIndustry with external sensors easier than with SimplePack.