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How to Deploy SimpleHw Devices Successfully

Dear Simple Hardware user,

Please read carefully this document as it will guide you in successful deployment of Simple Hardware devices. Please keep in mind that the devices are sold primarily in B2B mode to system integrators, IoT platforms, consultancies and IT departments of corporations in order to integrate them into their products and projects.

To have a working solution you need 3 things

  1. HW
  2. Sigfox connectivity
  3. Way to visualize data and trigger emails/SMS

It is important to understand that different combinations exist.

If you are an integrator or Sigfox partner or Sigfox customer you should already have:

  1. Full Sigfox onboarding and training by local Sigfox operator - see their contacts here
  2. Access to Sigfox backend including API and callbacks
  3. Either paid (commercial deployment) or free connectivity (for trials) from the local  Sigfox operator You activate Simple Hardware devices in the Sigfox backend. For Sigfox backend documentation and support see

For data visualizations, workflows and device management you can use:

  1. your own platform (complete open source description of payloads and device configuration of Simple Hardware devices can be found here (API 6 only)
  2. the platform even using your own connectivity. First 20 days of usage are free of charge. Complete documentation how to setup callbacks can be found at If you are still not a Sigfox partner and don't have access to Sigfox backend You can buy connectivity together with the platform at Here you can find detailed guideline on how to connect your first device.

In special case you want to use SimplePack in hackathons, development or testing you can get a special one year subscription at

You can use this connectivity even with IO Frog platform by setting up callbacks. Complete documentation on how to setup callbacks can be found at

Please, for any technical support, documentation and/or questions, ideas, praise, you can open a ticket here. The IDs of your device can be found on the device. The PAC code is in the QR code or printed on the device. Enclosed with the device purchase is the .csv file for mass import and activation of the devices, containing both.

Please contact Václav Veselý, our sales engineer, for any sales support or platform integration.

We are also adding all the time the new uses, together with TCO and ROI calculations, sales materials, datasheets, detailed instructions and testimonials to In order to make your life easier we have a flat open pricing from 1 unit up to 10 000 units. Above that we will prepare special project pricings.

Price should not break any sales deal so contact us if you have special requirements.

We do customer branding of the devices, custom boxes and custom firmware/modes. Please don't hesitate to contact Mirka Pavlíková for quotations.

Happy IoT solutions selling

Your Simple Hardware team

Reply to this email for any order/payment/invoicing/delivery inquiries. For any technical issues/support please go to

P.S.If you are not excited by our products, services and support, don't hesitate to contact directly the Simple Hardware founder Pavel Sodomka at +420 777 737 837