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CheckFox Log Data Interpretation


The following data is uploaded to the dashboard shortly after the Sigfox message is transmitted from the device. Each value is separated by a comma (“,”): LOGdata-02:0A04,08.04.2018,11:13:55,N50d00.5113,E014d43.5021,0,050,00405,360,100,808040,808040,4,4.0,22,ABCDEFGH

Example data parsing

0A04 Message sequence number (0-65535)
08.04.2018 Date (day.month.year)
11:13:55 Time (hours:minutes:seconds)
N50d00.5113 Latitude (where N=North, S=South, d=degree and 00.5113 are the minutes)
E014d43.5021 Longitude (where E=East, W=West, d=degree and 43.5021 are the minutes)
0 GPS fix (boolean, 1 means that a valid realtime GPS position was acquired)
050 Speed in km/h
00405 Altitude in meters over WGS84 Earth approximation model
360 Course (azimuth of movement acquired from the GPS receiver)
100 Horizontal dilution of precision
808040* Minimal value from the accelerometer at the time of Sigfox transmission
808040* Maximal value from the accelerometer at the time of Sigfox transmission
4 GSM signal strength (0-5, 0 means no GSM connection)
4.0 Battery voltage (proper operating range is from 3.6V to 4.3V)
22 Temperature measured internally by a sensor
ABCDEFGH See the parsing for these letters below

*Accelerometer data can be used to determine unwanted movement during Sigfox transmission (which can negatively affect the RF performance).

Parsing the last 4 bytes (8 letters ABCDEFGH) of the payload

LETTER A (Main menu selection)

1 Outdoor above 1m
2 Outdoor 1m reference
3 Outdoor 0m ground level
4 Indoor
5 Deep indoor

LETTER B (Measurement type)

1 Survey 1x immediately
2 Survey 1x delayed
3 Final 6x immediately
4 Final 6x delayed
5 Downlink test
6 Periodic measurement 1min + GPS
7 Periodic measurement 10min + GPS
8 Periodic measurement 60min + GPS
9 Periodic measurement 10min no GPS
A Periodic measurement 60min no GPS
B Audit 100x immediately
C Audit 100x delayed

LETTERS CD (Messages)

0x01-0xFF Number of messages sent in the present test batch

LETTERS EF (Sequence number)

0x01-0xFF Actual message counter (sequence number)