How do I access or view the data from my device?

What data visualisation options do I have?

You can find all the options in this diagram:


The data always come to Sigfox backend. From there you can them through 3 ways. By email (the least practical one), by web interface (good for quick analysis) or programmatically through Sigfox API and callbacks.

You can work with them in your own IoT platform, use existing 200 IoT platforms supporting Sigfox or use IO Frog IoT platform.

the platform is specialized in Sigfox and can serve 2 ways.

Use it as middleware to manage devices and parse messages and connect it to your data visualizations, BI and workflows.

Or use IO Frog as a complete end to end solution with complete support of branding, Apple App Store and Google Play store native applications and interface scaling from pure end users to experts.