How do I connect to Sigfox?

What are the options if I want to connect to the network?

It completely depends on whom you are and how much you need.

  1. If you are a developer/student you can purchase some devices or dev kits with connectivity already included. The connectivity is valid for one year and includes Platinum subscription together with Atlas. It doesn't include Atlas WiFi.
    You can purchase SimplePack Dev Kit here.
    Dev kit edition is not available for SimpleLeak or CheckFox.
  2. If you want to purchase just couple of connectivity and you are located in some of the supported countries and you don't mind that roaming will be limited to countries where online sales is available you can purchase connectivity immediately at
  3. If you want to use IO Frog platform you can purchase connectivity right together with the platform. It comes with Sigfox Atlas and Google location services free of charge.
  4. In any other case you must contact local Sigfox Operator in your country. They are able to offer you massive discounts for multi-year and large scale orders.They would also sell you additional services such as Sigfox Atlas geolocation and Sigfox WiFi Atlas geolocation.

The tariffs are currently in tiering transition but historically are with average daily limits (the transition will have negligible impact on pricing)

  • Platinum 140 uplinks/ 4 downlinks - suitable for trackers with dense information
  • Gold 100 uplinks/ 2 downlinks - rarely used, suitable for tracking
  • Silver 50 uplinks/ 4 downlinks - suitable for chair, cold chain monitoring etc.
  • One 2 uplinks/ 0 downlinks - suitable for application in security sending just alert and daily heartbeats

Please be aware that Sigfox Atlas geolocation and Sigfox Wifi Atlas geolocation are additional charges