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Mathieu Simon 6 months ago in CheckFox / CheckFox features requests • updated 6 months ago 2

Hi team,

many thanks for the great job you made, the checkfox is a real killer field test device.

From my side and as I'm starting to use it daily and many many of my clients are looking for buying one (or more ;) ) I think that some details have to be modified.

It looks that this device have been created for a SIGFOX Corp usage only, as a coverage evaluation tool indead. All sub-menus are made in a way of evaluating DA commitments.

It's very confusing for average clients when they arrive on these choices menu with many choices, especially this survey/final aspect.

What I propose is to have 2 modes when the device is turned ON, one for easy field test (for clients) and one expert mode for SIGFOX coverage evaluation.

Regarding periodical measurement, 1min is too long, some times it will be very usefull to launch more measurement, filling the rest time would be the perfect answer but at least 30s + GPS should be good enough.
Also when you're evaluating coverage on a typical BS it could be interesting to have every may be 10 TX a check on the backend of the result of this 10th measurement, my point is if the station is not reached anymore, no need to go further (personnal experience, true story ;) )

For information, there are some security breaches into your web platform, as for example I can reach detailed measurement from direct link without any login needed : https://checkfox.simplehw.eu/measurement-batch/d3c881675bffb6fd

Under review

Thanks so much for the positive feedback.

Yes the field worker mode has been planned since a year. We will be touching the firmware for the HW revision 2, including WiFi so we definitely will have the field worker mode implemented in January/February timeframe.

We will add the 30s message sending.

Please describe or let's chat about the 10th measurement.

The security model is pretty tight. We will check what is happening here. 



Thanks !

My idea with a concrete usecase, I'm evaluating coverage of a given BS. I'm starting my fieldtest at bottom of my site, then I start walking in straight direction after walking 2km and sending may 20 msg I realise that the BS was not catching messages after the 7th point (about 1km) I did 1 useless more km in that case. Now I'm always doing fieldtest wy a smartphone on the other hand and checking quite often if my messages have been received by this special BS to check if I've to continue. It would be useful to have anyhow on the checkfox the possibility to do same without using an other device. Is it more clear ?