Disarm Simple Pack, api5, when the button is press

egarcia 8 months ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support 7 months ago 4
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Hi, in the Guard me mode, in the Simple Pack, if I want to disarm the device when the button is pressed, I have tried activating bit 7 in the downlink payload but I can not do it, and also modifying bit 0, how to do it?

I've seen in the forum, which is only relevant in Press me mode.

Could you give an example of the Downlink payload?


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Please try the following downlink payload:


The last byte (0x81) switches on buttons and "disarm by long press of the button" feature.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Set the downlink payload in Sigfox Backend (direct value).
  2. Press the SimplePack button for approx. 7 seconds (till slow LED blinking appear).
  3. Wait approx. 40 seconds for downlink is received.
  4. Press the button shortly to arm the device.
  5. Wait for 5 seconds (departure delay).
  6. Move the device so alarm message is sent (LED is lit).
  7. Wait till the message is sent completely (LED is not lit).
  8. Press the button for 3 seconds (long press) to disarm the device.
  9. Another message is sent confirming button long press.

Thank you!


Thank you.