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monitor GPS location when doing periodical measurement

mathieu.simon 11 months ago in CheckFox • updated by SimpleHW support 4 weeks ago 6

I've made a periodical test 1min + GPS on front of my desktop window and when I check the status on the platform I see the Atlas location, but the one coming from the payload of the message. Is it possible ?

Furthermore in Summary for periodic measurement part, I'm at sigfox headquarter, with many BS around me, when I check "stations distance" there is 64 km in "closest" (BS), how it works ?

RSSI Best display "0", worst "-83" (very high value...), average "0"

Fore more informations :

device id: 3975BB

test made 27/08/2018 16h00

Dear Mathieu,

was this solved by using your connectivity ?




still not, I guess its due to your credentials usage on the platform.

Dear Mathieu,

do you run it under your connectivity ?

Please see the updated instructions


Thank for your feedback.

In fact we don'"t have actually BS position from your platform because we don't want our credentials to be stored our from our scope. In fact it may permit everyone who have these credentials to sniff every french BS location.

Furtheremore for the checkfox to work well you recommand to have these rights

  1. Under this group create API credentials. Give it rights of:
    1. CUSTOMER [R] in order to see messages DEVICE [R] should be sufficient as well
    2. OPT_INTEGRATOR in order to see IDs of basestations and repetitions
    3. COVERAGE TOOL in order to see and use coverage API
      If you don't have these rights ask you Sigfox operator to give it to you.

    4. If you are Sigfox operator give it OPT_STATION_LOCATION (to see location of BTSs and distances)

But from our side, we don't want to give our client access to OPT_INTEGRATOR for exemple.

This might create frustration for the one who bought Checkfox to you for a french usage as you don't ensure connectivity no more

Dear Mathieu,

I understand your concern about OPT STATION LOCATION and it is completely up to you

But there is no other way, therefore you can see the closest to be 64km as you are rounding the positions...

And SOs had access to all other BSs till last year, so even it is sensitive information it is not a critical information...

We have a DB in Czech and other countrie of all GSM BTSs http://www.gsmweb.cz/

And nobody protests...In Switzerland it is obligatory to publish it....

Plus collecting location of BTSs is easy and sooner or later it will be done in order to provide for alternative to Sigfox Atlas.

During our Sigfox onboarding 4 years ago we were specifically told that opt_integrator is a common right. I don't see any issue for integrators not to have it. As far as I understand it is up to individual SO and so your customers will have limited functionality or will have to purchase connectivity elsewhere...

It will get even more complicated with advanced_callback in the future.

But to analyze the network LQI is IMHO not enough.