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I have run into a problem:

Tuesday afternoon I have a demonstration meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil - Catching plane tonight

Ordered 4 RC2 SimplePack Plus, however I got 4 RC1 SimplePack Plus sensors.

I have asked Mirka to ship the correct sensors to my hotel in Sao Paulo but I am afraid that time is too short still and that the replacement sensors will not reach me in time. This is a large customer and the meeting has been scheduled several weeks ago my ability to reschedule is very limited or nil.

Is there a way via downlink that I can change the setting from RC1 to RC2? If so please send me instructions. 

I appreciate your help on this as these clients run large operations which makes them very critical to my business plan and to the possibility of using your sensor at large scale.

Thanks in advance.



Despite initial confusion, the problem was solved diligently and correct information conveyed quickly



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Dear Enrique,

we are using PCB without power amplifier for RC1.

So RC2 and RC4 with power amplifier are switchable into RC1 but yours cannot be switched.

Nevertheless we strongly recommend against providing customers with device until complete discovery is done and unless PoC definition is done. This is normally 1-2 month process...

Please see my webinar 7 biggest mistakes in IoT sales...


and Sales Support Documents



Hello Pavel,

Thanks for clarification.

I have seen the webinar and found it extremely useful. We have completed PoC + PoV in Europe. These RC2 sensors are for PoC in Brazil.

Any help and support always appreciated