radio signal for SIMPLE PACK 2 I can not establish communication

Damir Segovic 3 months ago in IO Frog platform beta testing • updated by SimpleHW support 2 months ago 11

what about radio signal for SIMPLE PACK 2 (ID:003B1AAE) registered in ZAGREB / CROATIA. I can not establish communication


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Good afternoon Damir, 

the SP 2.0 RC1 has a Sigfox Ready Class 1 certificate and should have no problems communicating in Croatia.

Please describe the issue in detail - have you bought Sigfox connectivity? What visualisation platform are you using? Etc.

Thank you!


free for 3 months, is it OK configured for this - see picture

That's 3 months of free access to the IOFrog.com platform. Connectivity is similar to your phone plan and is purchased from a Sigfox operator - IOFrog only allows you to purchase it directly form the platform, but simply having access to the platform won't connect your devices, you need Sigfox connectivity too.

Please try purchasing connectivity and then let us know if you're good.

Have a great one,


But, when registering this i get free period also for connectivity:

it is not problem to pay few EUR, but I can not find way to do this wit existing registration:

You got it at Touchpoint ? Have you also received the instructions how to activate it ? 

yes at Touchpoint with two papers with links to iofrog.com and some elementary specs of device

i have followed online instructions, and as you can see connectivity is valid till end of july as well as platform till august 2019

I have used your recommendation and I have also register i sigfox:


I do not know if this is normal that NO COMMUNICATION ALLOWED is current status after registration

Dear Damir,

sorry for the delays in answers.

We have checked the device on the Sigfox backend and it's sending messages normally, so we presume everything's ok now?

If there anything else, please let us know.

Have a great day!