Starting of the Red Light

Jordan MerciYanis 3 months ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support 2 months ago 3


We have a ticketing solution and we use the SimplePack devices to create information into our platform.
I presented the device to clients few days ago as we are going to install several inside their buildings, and they asked me if it is possible to have the red light starting as soon as we press the button. Currently, when you press the SimplePack, the light is on when you press the button, then it turns off few seconds and is on again for about 6 seconds. It is the few seconds off that disturb the clients. Is it possible to modify this behaviour ?

Thank you !


Under review

Dear Jordan,

the behaviour can be modifed in SimplePack 3.0 Plus. Not in SimplePack 2.0

With best regards


Alright thank you.