Simple Pack downlink problem

Jordan MerciYanis 5 months ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support 3 months ago 2


I want my SimplePack API 5 to send battery and temperature data as well as a heartbeat message every 1 hour. 
I tried this hexa code "8101000000000000" in the Sigfox Backend as the DIRECT value for Downlink Data. 
I pressed the SimplePack button during approx 6 seconds until it starts blinking and it did receive the downlink well.
However, after that, it didn't work out and the data sent by my device is just "11" when I press it ... (no battery and no temperature)
What am I doing wrong ? 

Thank you.

My bad the correct hexa was "4101000000000000". It's working, sorry :)