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SimpleLeak 3.0

Edward Cadden 3 months ago • updated by SimpleHW support 4 weeks ago 6

I am trying to reduce the sensitivity and increase the period before the orientation alarm triggers. If possible I would like to switch it of and use a daily heartbeat to manage updates. I am having no luck changing the settings on the Accelerometer. I have changed the XYZ value to 63 from 7 and the general sensitivity also.  Is the correct approach.  I am using the IO Frog platform and can configure other parameters of the device but not the sensitivity of the orientation alert.


Práce s daty

lubi007 5 months ago • updated by SimpleHW support 3 months ago 1

Jak se pracuje s daty, které posílají senzory, prosím? "Tečou" skrze Sigfox či případně SimpleHW infrastrukturu, nebo lze toto nastavit, prosím? Předem děkuji

Under review

Disarm in trace me mode using the button

Francois Oudot 7 months ago • updated by SimpleHW support 7 months ago 1


While in trace me mode I need to be able to disarm the device by pressing the button.

Is it possible? if yes how?