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How to check : how many time device was pressed ?

arnaud huvelin 2 months ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support 2 months ago 2


Usecase :

  • pressme mode
  • everytime the user has an issue, he press the button
  • we use then the data to, determine how many times he had issues during his day, week, month, etc.

Concerns :

  • How can i be sure the message is sent when he press the button ?

Idea :

  • Device memory :
    • Can/does the device store how many times he was pressed ? If so, is it possible to send it every 6/12 hours ?
    • So, we can check if their is a gap between backend and reality :)

Is it possible ?

If you have other ideas, i'm listening :)

SimpleHW support 2 months ago

in Sigfox protocol a counter is increased by 1 for each message...So you can easily see in the backend the total number of presses...
See https://support.sigfox.com/docs/sequence-number:-general-knowledge

Under review

Streaming data periodically from simplepack 2.0

Cesar 4 weeks ago in SimplePack • updated 2 weeks ago 11


I have bought a simplepack 2.0 a few weeks ago and I am trying to stream the data that it's recorded through the vibrations into the cloud (kinesis and DynamoDB) AWS. I was checking the documentation and I can't find the proper way to do this nor API available to get data in real time, I have only found that I can register the device in IOFrog and start receiving messages in that platform but I can't access the data my device is sending in an API way. I would like to receive the events directly from the devices through a service (JSON response from API). Is this possible with your device and if so, could you share with me the step-by-step guide, please?



SimpleHW support 2 weeks ago

Dear Cesar,

you are right it can be confusing. 

But in step Register a new device in IOFrog you clearly have an option to use your own connectivity...which you used to have....

IOFrog platform availableraw data from Sigfox
1 year Devkit connectivityyes (callbacks creations needed for set up)yes
IOFrog connectivityyes directlyno
Own commercial connectivity sold by Sigfox operatoryes (callbacks creations needed for set up)yes
Own commercial connectivity sold by Sigfox operator online through buy.sigfox.comyes (callbacks creations needed for set up)yes
Own 1 year free connectivity that can be provided at discretion by Sigfox operator for development and testing purposesyes (callbacks creations needed for set up)yes

Is it clearer now ?

The Sigfox model is that the local Sigfox operators (Aerea in your case) are responsible for both onboarding the partners and for selling the connectivity and for support.

See https://partners.sigfox.com/companies/sigfox-operator?or[categories][0]=sigfox-operator&q=&limit=48&page=0

We as HW manufacturers cannot sell any connectivity...Only Sigfox operators can...

With best regards



Prosím o pomoc s nastavením druhého callbacku

Petr 3 months ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support 3 months ago 7

Dobrý den,

zakoupil jsem Simplepack v DevKit verzi a registroval ho na sigfox.com

Simplepack jsem přidal do svého účtu na platformě IOfrog a zvolil jako poskytovatele připojení třetí stranu.

Následně jsem podle návodu začal v backend.sigfox.com nastavovat callbacky, aby Simplepack mohl fungovat na platformě IOfrog.

U druhého callbacku jsem však narazil na problém, že nemám na výběr možnost SERVICE, GEOLOC jak je uvedeno v návodu (viz přiložený obrázek).

Prosím o informaci, jak postupovat.

SimpleHW support 3 months ago

Byl to bug na strane Sigfoxu. Zkuste prosim ted. Dekuji Pavel Sodomka

SimpleHW support 3 months ago

simplePack 3.0 Plus Lite measures ambient temperature on the MCU, which gives you uncalibrated temperature with 2° C precision.

The SimplePack 3.0 Plus versions with precision thermometer contain discrete calibrated thermometer with 0,5° C precision. Based on field measurements and real life usage and due to the extra small case size, the IP67 internal thermometer is sufficient for all kinds of cold chain monitoring. 

For room monitoring we are preparing IP44 SimpleTemp.

We don't have any current plans to use external probes for specific industrial use cases as those solutions are available from other Sigfox partners.

SimpleHW support 3 months ago

As the use cases for Reed contact and the requirements for size and form and price can differ, we don't provide any magnets. Magnets are readily available worldwide at various shapes and price levels. 

We are ready to consult implementations for any commercial projects.

Operate range is 15-50 AT, release range is 5-45 AT.

Reed sensor is located on the edge and to the right from the press button.


How does the magnetometer works?

Mirka 3 months ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support 3 months ago 1
SimpleHW support 3 months ago

Magnetometer detects the magnetic field of the Earth. Is is a kind of compass. Thanks to magnetometer we are able to detect rotation in the vertical axis. Door opening, not proper orientation of mobile traffic sign, gesture based data input etc..


SP is OFF contract after being associated to contract

David Zencak 3 months ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support 3 months ago 1

Zákazník - Argitech, ten SP co měl použitý PAC byl nakonec vadný (asi baterka) a vyměněn, ale ten nový nejde oživit. Nejprve byl asiciovaný na kontrakt, ale o pár vteřin je off - contract. Popis = contract Contract 5bc83153e833d93f402a7b7b not started:   

ten kontrakt ale začal včera: 


Disarm Simple Pack, api5, when the button is press

egarcia 3 months ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support 2 months ago 4

Hi, in the Guard me mode, in the Simple Pack, if I want to disarm the device when the button is pressed, I have tried activating bit 7 in the downlink payload but I can not do it, and also modifying bit 0, how to do it?

I've seen in the forum, which is only relevant in Press me mode.

Could you give an example of the Downlink payload?



Downlink For Confirmation

Thomas (CH) 3 months ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support 2 months ago 1


How to manage / trigger a downlink for confirmation of a user driven event. For example: I press button to change mode - > getting confirmation that mode has changed. Possible?


SimpleHW support 2 months ago

All uplink contain user mode. So the IoT platform knows which mode the device is in. In API 6 we will confirm mode change by uplink message. On the backend you can read OOB Ack message. On the device itself after successful downlink LED blinks fast for 20 secs. See the updated documentation here.


Drop me setting - how to set up

Timotej Stanek 6 months ago in SimplePack • updated by SimpleHW support 5 months ago 10