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Implement reverse geocoding in Dashboard

Pavel Sodomka 4 months ago in CheckFox / CheckFox features requests • updated 2 months ago 1

monitor GPS location when doing periodical measurement

mathieu.simon 2 weeks ago in CheckFox 0

I've made a periodical test 1min + GPS on front of my desktop window and when I check the status on the platform I see the Atlas location, but the one coming from the payload of the message. Is it possible ?

Furthermore in Summary for periodic measurement part, I'm at sigfox headquarter, with many BS around me, when I check "stations distance" there is 64 km in "closest" (BS), how it works ?

RSSI Best display "0", worst "-83" (very high value...), average "0"

Fore more informations :

device id: 3975BB

test made 27/08/2018 16h00