CheckFox troubleshooting

My CheckFox is not working properly, what's wrong? CheckFox stuck at sending data.



No display - put into charger for 6 hours try to Switch on again

Device stuck - for Checkfox HW version “CF1.15”: Press and hold the “Back arrow” and press “Power button” simultaneously. This leads to immediate hardware reset of the CPU. Switch off and on the device afterwards to restart all the peripherals (GPS, GSM etc.).


No GPS fix - go outside and wait 40 seconds.


Data sending stuck at 2%: No GSM communication

  • check the SIM card is correctly inserted
  • check activation of the SIM card
  • check the SIM card PIN lock is not active


Data sending stuck at 12%: No GSM data connection

  • check data tariff enabled at the SIM card
  • check the APN (can be case sensitive)
  • check the GSM coverage (GSM signal strength indicator is not 0)


Data receiving stuck at 35%: no Sigfox server connection

  • Check Checkfox server setting (

TX progress stuck at 100%: low battery voltage

  • if you encounter this issue, the device is probably below 3.8V or 3.9V and will have trouble with sending the GSM connection because of low power
  • also this could happen because the firmware revision you're using is outdated - make sure you regularly update the firmware OTA
  • if you have problems with the CheckFox losing power when performing long tests in the field, carry a powerbank with you, the device should last very long but it's always good to be able to get the most out of it

No BTS shown:

  • check Sigfox backend,can you see any messages ?
  • If yes - recheck callback and API setup
  • If no messages in the backend:

- check antenna and voltage

- check subscription (is not off contract)

- check that your Sigfox connectivity token is Sigfox-Atlas-enabled

- check trash messages - try to “disengage sequence number”

- for RC2/RC4 devices: check the RC settings/downlink frequency are correct (corresponds to your RC zone)



Is your device registered in the dashboard ?

I cannot register a device as it is already registered  - please talk to the admin of your organization


Not accurate BTS location - either you are not a Sigfox operator or the API was not created in the root group

No data in dashboard - check your rights to the device in the dashboard and check proper API and callback creation

I cannot see GPS positions - most probably no GPS positions were collected (indoor measurement)