CheckFox Log Data Interpretation

How to interpret the data the CheckFox log?

Following data (example) are uploaded to Checkfox Dashboard just after Sigfox test message has been transmitted.



Each value is separated by “,” (comma character).

Data parsing follows (example + explanation):
0A04 - seqence number (0-65535)

08.04.2018 - date (day.month.year)

11:13:55 - time (hours:minutes:seconds)

N50d00.5113 - latitude (where N=North / S=South, d=degree and 00.5113 are minutes)

E014d43.5021 - longitude (where E=East / W=West, d=degree and 43.5021 are minutes)

0 - GPS fix (0 = no fix, 1=fix => valid realtime GPS position is acquired)

050 - speed in km/h (kilometers per hour)

00405 - altitude in meters over WGS84 Earth approximation model

360 - course (azimuth of movement acquired from GPS receiver)

100 - horizontal dilution of precision

808040 - minimal value from accelerometer during Sigfox transmission

808040 - maximum value from accelerometer during Sigfox transmission

4 - GSM signal strength (0 = no GSM signal, 5 = maximum GSM signal strength)

4.0 - Checkfox battery voltage (3.6V to 4.3V is proper operating range)

22 - temperature measured by Checkfox device (internal sensor data)

ABCDEFGH - see below:


<position AB> Byte (hexadecimal expression):

Upper 4 bits <position A> are “main menu selection” identifier:

1h = Outdoor above 1m

2h = Outdoor 1m refer.

3h = Outdoor 0m ground

4h = Indoor

5h = Deep Indoor


Lower 4 bits <position B> are “measurement type” identifier:

1h = Survey 1x immediately

2h = Survey 1x delayed

3h = Final 6x immediately

4h = Final 6x delayed

5h = Downlink test

6h = Periodic measurement 1min + GPS

7h = Periodic measurement 10min + GPS

8h = Periodic measurement 60min + GPS

9h = Periodic measurement 10min no GPS

Ah = Periodic measurement 60min no GPS

Bh = Audit 100x immediately

Ch = Audit 100x delayed


<position CD> Byte (hexadecimal expression):

Number (1-255) of messages being sent in present test batch.


<position EF> Byte (hexadecimal expression):

Actual message counter (1-255) = sequence number of message in present test batch.


<position GH> Byte (hexadecimal expression):

Reserved for future use.


Accelerometer data can be used to determine unwanted movement during Sigfox transmission (which can negatively affect the RF performance).