First things first: SIGFOX OPERATORS

How can I get started as a Sigfox Operator?

Dear Sigfox operator

In order to successfully deploy and enjoy SimpleHW devices, it is necessary to understand a few basic things, but don't worry, this article is here to help you with everything. Make sure you read the whole thing so you're not confused later.

These are the instructions for Sigfox Operators. If you intend to distribute the device further, please make sure the hardware is received with specific instructions for either end users or integrators or corporations.

You always need the following 6 things:

  1. Deep understanding of what Sigfox is and how it works
  2. Sigfox signal coverage at your location
  3. Understanding of your use case/business case - Why, What, When, Where, How, How much it will cost, How much profit it will generate
  4. Sigfox ready devices - actual working devices that will cover your use case
  5. Connectivity subscription to Sigfox
  6. IoT Platform or Application - to process and visualize the data from your devices and/or manage the devices (we highly recommend the IOFrog platform)

Follow these step-by-step instructions to get everything working:

  1. You should have received full Sigfox training together with access to Sigfox Academy from your local Sigfox operator.
    You can find important information about Sigfox online:
  2. It’s also helpful to watch our webinars on the following topics:
  1. Check Sigfox signal coverage:

    In case you are not happy with the current coverage at the required location, please contact your local Sigfox operator to densify the coverage. For more information, see this article.
  2. See the use cases on our website for inspiration - they will help you understand what our devices can do and what business cases they can cover.

    Define use case/business case before starting to play around with any device

If you need any assistance with setting the devices up, please provide us with this information:

    1. What is the use case or business case? 
    2. Why do you want to use IoT and Sigfox - where is the value for you?
    3. What and when do you want to measure? When do you want to transmit the gathered data? Is the data collection based on event/action or time?
    4. Where will the device be located - where do you want to collect data?
    5. How and at what precision do you need to measure and evaluate? What sensors will be active? 
    6. How will you evaluate the project?
    7. Is the Total cost of ownership (TCO) drafted?
    8. Is the Return on investment (ROI) calculated?

For detailed information, please see the two Discovery documents here:

General BANT and qualification 

Logistics and tracking qualification


  1. Purchase the devices at the e-shop if you have not done so already :) If you want to recommend any local Premier partner please direct them to the Partners page.
  2. Provide your own Sigfox connectivity. We don't sell any Sigfox connectivity.
    You have several options, please view this article for pricing information and a detailed explanation of the options: 
    • Directly at together with data visualisation platform access
    • At (limited to certain countries, check if you are eligible to buy Sigfox connectivity at the website!)
    • With SimplePack 2.0 Devkit and SimplePack 3.0 Plus Devkit editions you get one year of connectivity for free (to be used for hackathons and development)
    • Provided by your local Sigfox operator

  3. You have several options for how to get and work with the data:
    • Process the data directly from the Sigfox backend (see for documentation) 
    • Use as a device management platform for either only the PoC or both PoC and later field deployment
    • Use as middleware to process the data and push it to your system
    • Use any other IoT platform that supports our devices - see their list here

Please follow these sample step-by-step instructions for easy setup on IOFrog:

Refer to the rest of 50 other use cases and technical documentation if you want to achieve more. If you want to interpret raw data yourself and do the programming, please read through the API 6 documentation here.


For any technical support, documentation and/or questions, ideas or praise go to our customer support platform at (you can open a support ticket in the upper right corner).

The ID and PAC codes of your device are printed on the back of the device and also can be read by scanning the QR code. We will also send you the IDs and PACs when your package is dispatched from our warehouse together with the tracking numbers.

Happy Sigfoxing!

For order/invoicing/payment please contact

For sales/pricing/partnership related questions please contact