First things first: CheckFox users

How can I get started with the CheckFox?

In order for the device to work you must have 3 things:

  • Working SIM Card
  • Working Sigfox connectivity
  • Setup proper configuration in Sigfox backend

Working SIM Card

We  now ship with a global 10 EUR prepaid SIM card, so you don't need to disassemble the unit in order to get it working. But it must be ACTIVATED. The SIM can be easily recharged online. Please see the guide and more details here.

Working Sigfox connectivity

We no longer offer Sigfox connectivity as majority of users wanted to use their own.

If you don't have your own connectivity, you can get it from your local Sigfox operator or buy it at

Setup proper configuration in Sigfox backend and CheckFox dashboard
In order for the device to work correctly all you have to do is to create an API access and callbacks in the Sigfox backend. It should take no more than 5 minutes.

Follow the instructions in this document.

Have you taken all 3 steps?

Now please update the Firmware

Go to Main menu-Service menu-Firmware update to update the device to latest firmware. Description of the version of firmware can be found at The update takes about 3mins. And the size is 64 kByte. Go to Main-Service menu-About to check the firmware version..Battery voltage should be 3.9V or more when updating. If not, firmware rewrite is not allowed due to security reasons. You can connect charger if in doubt.

Please report the FW version in case of any issues.

Were you successful in updating the firmware?


We are already collecting and sending MAC addresses through GSM, but still not comparing it with GPS and Sigfox Atlas data in the dashboard, we hope to release it to the dashboard soon. The Google Location service is not cost-free and we will have to charge for it somehow in the future if you want to use it in the dashboard.

We will most probably be able to send two MAC addresses in the payload according to the Sigfox WiFi specification. Please let us know whether you have access to Sigfox WiFi Atlas connectivity and how important it is to you.

You can find the documentation for CheckFox here.

If you need any help or assistance don't hesitate to contact us at by opening a ticket.

Happy Checkfoxing!