[ARCHIVE] Old CheckFox release notes

For the old-timers.

Firmware 27 (29/05/18)

  • Added “Battery low” warning at welcome screen (if battery voltage is under 3.7V)
  • Improved RC2 / RC4 downlink test reliability
  • Added GSM signal strength indication (Service menu / Device status)

Firmware 26 (24/05/18)  

first public release candidate - hundreds of new features see the documentation 


Under development: 

  • Summary display after Periodic measurement
  • Simplified and locked interface for field installation workers
  • Ability to choose and record in log non-standard antenna usage


No outstanding bugs

CheckFox dashboard release notes

2018-06-25 - Added a new display mode for Periodic measurement. There is a new default view where all the messages are displayed in map with basic overview. You can switch do detail of each individual message by selecting it in the table below map. This view is still under beta and can/will change in future.


2018-06-20 - Extended the CSV export file structure to contain more data (this may be a breaking change as number and position of rows were changed).


2018-06-07 - Added Atlas location accuracy to detail view (distance between real GPS location and Sigfox approximate location). Also added experimental CSV export to measurements list (please note, not all data are available in the CSV export). 


2018-06-05 - Added CheckFox dashboard - technology and used APIs to documentation


2018-06-04 - Enabled experimental reverse geo-coding. You can see street address in measurement detail. Address will be shown in measurement list soon.


2018-06-01 - Added comparison of real coverage with coverage prediction. Also added “Best SNR, 2nd best SNR, best RSSI and 2nd best RSSI to detail and list of measurements (please note, that data for older measurements needs to update… allow our dashboard some time to do that). And as always, several bugs were fixed.


2018-05-31 - Fixed support for MSIE 11 and some other older web browsers. Fixed Time Zone problems (all dates and times are now displayed in your local timezone). Both real GPS location (if available) and Sigfox approximate location are now shown in the map for each measurement. Other small bugs were fixed.


2018-05-24 - Working several issues in simplicity and clarity of the UI


Critical bugs:

PAC codes not displayed because of bug in Sigfox documentation, please request it and we will provide it to you


Major bugs: 

not displaying downlink message test and displaying its RSSI through OOB


Under development: 

  • [testing] Reverse geocoding giving you the addresses of measurements
  • Automatic comparison with non reference design for prequalification of Sigfox Ready or testing a 3rd party device
  • Advanced device management for large field installation teams
  • Maps visualization for Periodic measurement