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Reed Switch in API 6

The reed switch is a very useful sensor that is switched on by the presence of magnetic field.


The functionality of the button is rewired to the reed switch in the SimpleIndustry, the reed switch behaves like the button in this device! Please note that if you want to use reed-switch-based modes in the SimpleIndustry, hardware settings need to be changed. Please contact us if that's what you want to do.


Reed switch functionality:

  1. The reed switch in the SimpleIndustry works like the button in the Simplepack - it's the default way to request downlink (change settings) and arm/disarm devices (activate/deactivate).

    More in the Basic operations guide HERE!

  2. There are three reed switch-based User modes: Reed switch on/off (+ WiFi variants), Reed switch counter and Reed switch pipeline. Overview below.

  3. The state of the reed switch can be sent as appended payload.

    More about appended payload HERE!

  4. You cannot receive independent alerts from the reed switch.

User modes

Reed switch on/off (+ WiFi variants)

Very simple: when the presence of magnet is detected, the device sends an immediate "reed switch on" alert. When the magnet is taken taken away, a "reed switch off" alert is sent.


WiFi-enabled variants of this mode exist - see the Comparison of Mode Types for more information!

Reed switch counter

Counts the number of reed contact switches and reports them based on time passed (e.g. number of switches in one hour), count (e.g. 50 switches trigger the message) or both.

Reed switch pipeline

Works like Reed switch on/off but offers redundancy. When the magnet is present, the device counts the time it was closed until the magnet is taken away. When the magnet is taken away, the device counts the time the switch is open until there's a magnet again. A total of 8 time periods (4 closed and 4 open) are sent in the message. The message can either send this payload with every switch or once every 5 switches (all the data at once).

Relevant registers

Register hex Register name Value range What it is and what it does Useful for
0x04 Sleep time SimpleTime Time after message during which no events that would normally trigger a message are noticed in order to save the battery Reed switch on/off, Reed switch counter
0x37 Reed switch measurement interval period SimpleTime How often the processor wakes the sensor up and asks for data input - how often the sensor measures. All reed switch modes
0x46 Reed switch pipeline time threshold for exponent selection SimpleTime Please see the mode documentation for detailed information. Reed switch pipeline
0x4B Reed switch detection delay SimpleTime How long should the change of state last before the message is triggered or data recorded. All reed switch modes
0x50 Reed switch counter count trigger Number 1-255 After how many reed switches should the message be sent. Reed switch counter
0x51 Reed switch counter time trigger SimpleTime After how long should the message be sent. Reed switch counter
0x56 Device control 8 binary flags Bit 3 - Reed switch pipeline message is sent every time (0) or after 5 revolutions (1) Reed switch pipeline