API 6 firmware release notes

What was changed in my version of the API?



Light on/off WiFi mode not working properly

WiFi MAC address filtering not implemented completely

Put me back mode not working properly

Long press in Press me WiFi mode generates wrong event

Autoarm not implemented


New features:

Integrated latest ST Micro library

Added Atlas WiFi support (besides existing 3 MAC address sending for any platform)

Added MAC filtering according to Atlas WiFi specification

Added WiFi precise - ability to record MAC addresses and send just pointers enabling to send 5 MAC addresses with RSSI and event type in one message for hyper precise local localisation (works best with known routes)

Added ability to append magnetometer measurement

Added more options/switches for LED blinking behaviour and simplification

Slightly improved radio performance


Light on/off WiFi mode and added Light reporting to Press me mode


Put me back mode not working properly

Long press in Press me WiFi mode generates wrong event

Autoarm not implemented


New features:

Added “Stupid mode” sending just 2 MAC adresses

Added ability to use PA in RC1 zone and 600bps encoding in RC1

Added ability to use Heartbeat 3 to send MAC addresses according to different modes

Added Autoarm


Fixed Put me back mode

Fixed Long press in Press me WiFi mode generates wrong event


New features:

Added Mode Blink till switch off

Added timer to switch to new RCZ

Added event for reporting RCZ switch

Added Reed counter mode (immediate or by number of switched or by time)

For Monarch version:

Added timer to start listening to Monarch beacon

Newly introduced issue: 

Not properly working temperature



New features:

Added Orientation change alert can be added to most modes

Added Impact tracking alert can be added to all logistic modes

Added Temperature alert can be added to most modes

Added Stupid mode 2 sending empty messages in predefined time periods

Changed Reed counter to send information only if any change happens


Temperature not working properly introduced in FW 71


New features: 

Inclination detection and accelerometer settings change working with SimpleLeak (reg. 0x3E)


Battery consumption optimization in some modes

Minor bug fixes


New features:

Added Mode Stupid Mode 2 

Added Mode WiFi Debug Scan 2

New registers for WiFi rescanning (applicable in WiFi Debug Scan2):

0x6E rescan interval

0x6F number of rescans


New features:

Monarch: Event 0x88 (RCZ change) with additional data (new RCZ and change method)

New event: 0x89 Battery low reporting low battery voltage

Independent accelerometer events (bit 0 of register 0x56) send message as Trace me instead of Track me now - this means that in addition to 0x20 and 0x21 events, 0x22 is sent as well


Monarch: Register 0x6B has a correct default value now

Monarch: Zone switch timer to change RCZ fixed

Watchdog fixed - bug introduced in 6.0.90