API 6 introduction for experts

How can I understand the API 6 as an expert user?

This is the more complex introduction to the API, if you'd prefer to read the "light" version, read the partial intro for beginners here: https://ask.simplehw.eu/api-6-beginners

API 6 is a revolutionary firmware concept that enables incredible flexibility and ease of use. Its versatility allows us to use the API 6 in almost all our newer devices (except the new CheckFox 2.0). Every new revision is compatible with older ones, which means that if something was implemented in an older version, the new version will have it implemented as well (except for bugs of course).

The API 6 is built around modes (device applications), which are defined by mode-specific events (sent uplink messages) and can be fine-tuned through downlink registers (configuration settings). We've dedicated a lot of time to write the API 6 documentation and you follow this link for an in-depth introduction for expert users: https://simplehw.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/8126484/API+6+Overview+For+Experts